Tri-Band Connectivity

What is Tri-Band Wi-Fi?

Dual-band routers provides two wireless bands, one is 2GHz band and another 5GHz. It’s allowing more devices and less interface. It has used two wireless routers in one device. It can be divided your wireless printer, Wi-Fi Cameras, and older generation devices are interfering with many devices like laptops, tablets, and phone. Tri-Band Wi-Fi are takes three wireless bands to suit even more devices on a network. AC3200 Ultra Wi-Fi Router provides one 2GHz band, also offer speeds up to 600Mbps, and two 5GHz bands that’s speeds up to 1300Mbps.
Tri-Band WI-FI and Speed
D-link Tri-band routers, like AC3200 has single device that has 3200 megabit link speed. The number, 3200 has aggregated value from three bands, 600+1300+1300. Tri-band has not increase your devices speed it will make a difference for users with devices on their network.
A tri-band routers, host two separate networks of 5GHz and it can sort’s devices in different networks. These can offers speed to share your devices. It can speed up only one device that are connected to the network at a time but it can give more speed to its additional devices can be attached.