Multi-User MIMO(MU-MIMO)

Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output (MIMO) is refers to the bandwidth can be broken by the router and pushed to different devices. Mostly latest routers use Single User Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output (SU-MIMO). In those routers devices, only one router devices can receive data at one time. This means that two person watching you tube and another watching Netflix at the same time, only one device would get priority while another device can wait where first had buffered a bits of data itself.
Benefits of MU-MIMO
Multi-User MU-MIMO makes the network more efficient. These can be used Wi-Fi directly changing their bandwidth or other key.
While using MU-MIMO new standard of your router it has more stable Wi-Fi connection for your computer, phone etc. Every device has avoid sharing data and stream with anyone else. This can be noticeable and streaming video or performing other demanding tasks. Your speed of internet is very fast and more dependable, it’s just smart networking at work. You can also use more devices on your Wi-Fi at once, which friends come and visit to.
MU-MIMO router can be good to use, but sometimes it has such limitations occurs. Some standards support their four devices, or add more than that of devices will share a stream, which can brings us back toward SU-MIMO problems. Its primary work to use downstream communication, or is limited upstream that can comes. MU can be managed information about your devices and channels stats for previous standards.