D-link Forgot Router Password

A Router is a Networking device which will forward the data packets from one Router to another router via networks until the packet reaches its destination. A password must be used to make your Wi-Fi network secure and restrict the other user to access the D-link router Wi-Fi network. But sometimes the user might forget the password, though it totally depends on the password that is forgotten – the administration password which directly allows you to login into the Router or the D-link wifi password which is responsible in connecting the multiple devices to the router. But to change or reset the Wi-Fi or Administration Router password quickly, then try to make a contact with D-link Forget Router Password Support team, which troubleshoots the problem within a couple of minutes and gains the access to the Router again. We, the d-link router password setup support team will always be available to assist you and furnish the best assistance for our D-link Customer at affordable prices.

D-link Forget Router Password

Have you forgotten the D-link Router Web Configuration password and want to reset d-link router password? If you are not able to change the Router setting and you are stuck at some point, there is no need to worry. Just follow the following simple steps:


  • Firstly, try to reset your D-link Router to its factory setting by using the paper-clip.
  • Hold down the reset button with the paper-clip for the 5 seconds and your Router will show the blinking lights which indicate the factory reset.
  • To login into the Web configuration screen, you need to use the router’s default password.
  • If you don’t know the default password of your D-link Router then look into your D-link Router manual.
  • Once you’ve filled the default password, then make sure to change it and use your own unique strong password.

If you are still struggling with the same issues or stuck at some point, even after following the above steps, then D’link router setup support team will always be available for you to relieve you from any kind of D-link issues and provide you with the  access to utilize the  internet services smoothly.

How to Forward Ports without Knowing the Password
Forget Wi-Fi Password

If you have forgotten your W-Fi password, and you are not able to access the internet service, don’t get frustrated.  Firstly, you should change your Wi-Fi password once in a year. If you are not able to solve the Wireless password issues, you may then call either the Dlink router phone number immediately to get the feasible solutions or follow the following instructions.

  • Firstly, open the web browser and type the IP Address of your D-link Router onto the Web browser URL.
  • Then Login screen will appear, then select the “Admin” from the dropdown menu and write down admin password.
  • Once you go into the web Configuration screen, then click on the “Setup” which is located at the top menu.
  • Choose the Wireless Setting from the left side.
  • Then go to Manual Wireless Connection setup and scroll down until you find the field which represent the “Pre Shared Key” or from the dropdown menu situated at the bottom.
  • Then type a new unique and strong password.

If you face any kind of difficulty in following the above steps, then don’t panic. Our highly experienced customer support team will be there to help you 24*7 with smart and quick solutions. Dlink router support phone number will provide you with excellent assistance and help you handle all your D-link Router issues. Instead of just wasting your time in trying to resolve the issues by yourself, Call us quickly and get instant assistance from experts.